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Battery Power

The primary source of power for a wireless vacuum cleaner is a rechargeable battery. These batteries are typically lithium-ion for their energy density, lightweight nature, and ability to hold a charge effectively.

Filtration System

Wireless vacuum cleaners may incorporate filtration systems, including HEPA filters, to capture small particles and allergens, improving indoor air quality.


Similar to traditional corded vacuum cleaners, wireless models have a motor that generates suction for effective cleaning.


Instead of using disposable vacuum bags, Our wireless vacuum cleaners come with a dustbin that collects the dirt and debris. Users can easily empty the dustbin into a trash bag when it's full.


It's Very Easy To Use. Most Of Our Vacuum Cleaners Comes With Multiple Endings, To Reach Every Corner Of Car/Home Furniture. SonicSweep Works For Your Comfort! 💙

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